356 E Kelso St Tucson AZ

Preparing for the therapy session is easy. First of all, check your GPS and my office address to make sure you’re going to the right location! My office is very easy to find. If you drive off the I-10 freeway at Grant you just turn left (north) on Stone and then turn right (east) one block before the next light at Glenn. That street is Kelso Street. My home/office is 5 or 6 blocks down and on the right or south side of the street. White wrought iron surrounds the home/office. If one does get lost, feel free to call me at 520-622-5105.

Preparation within the person is, also, simple. You may want to write a list of issues that you want to discuss prior to the session and bring it with you. Also, ponder which family members you might want to invite to future sessions, especially those in which there is conflict. However, many resolutions can be achieved without anybody else involved in person but you, the client. If you do bring children who will be involved in the session, please bring toys or activities to occupy the time while I’m talking to you, the adult. The children may, also. play with my dog or cat in the backyard. Glass French doors look out onto the backyard, so the children can be seen at all times.

Once inside the office you will be given a brochure, business card and some forms to fill out. Please bring your insurance card and your co-payment, which is due at the completion of every session.

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